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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send us samples of your products first?

Yes, we can send you free samples. The only thing we need from you is an exact address and confirmation when you receive the package.


Are your cards printable on desktop ink printers?

Yes. We print on high quality papers, all verified for use on ink printers.


How much is delivery and how long does it take?

It depends on size and weight of parcel and destination. We preffer ground mail services because price is very low compared to express air mail like DHL, UPC and similar services. For example 2 kg package from Prague to New York we can send for 30 USD, 5 kg package for 60 USD. Delivery may take 3 to 4 weeks.


Our customers will not wait four weeks. Can we receive parcel faster?

Yes, we can send the parcel by air mail (DHL). However, the price would be higher. In case of 2 kg parcel the price to New York would be 80 USD. Delivery in 3 days. We recommend to have in stock at least 200 pcs so your customers do not need to wait.


Is it possible to order envelopes?

Yes. For most wedding invitations it is possible to order envelopes.


Can we use pictures from printia.eu on our website?

Only authorised dealers may use our pictures. Please, contact us for further information.


Can we redistribute in our country?

Yes, you can! Good starting point are advertising agencies and print shops. When you become our distributor, send them your offer. We can help you with that. Your partners should have an ink printer and some software (CorelDraw, Inkscape, InDesign ...).