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We do the best to support your business!

Photos of Printa Cards

Pictures (and samples) are selling.
You will need to put pictures of wedding cards on your website. We can save your time and money and create photographs for free. Text will be localized. If your website is in Spanish or in English or German, we will print sample in Spanish, English or German. It can be ANY language! Russian, Vietnamese, Portugese ... Then we shoot photos of these samples and send it to you by email.
There is only one condition. When we send you the first five pictures, you need to upload it in your eshop, setup the product, make it visible to customers and let us know about it.
Only then we can prepare more pictures.

Help With Redistribution

You can have our additional support if you will want to redistribute Printia cards in your country. Your clients can be advertising companies, print shops, copy centres and some wedding agencies (basicaly, they just need to have an ink printer and software capable of printing texts - e.g. Inkscape).

Custom sized cards

Wedding etiquette is more or less different in each country. We understand you may need more types of cards to satisfy your customers. If you need for example Thank you cards, Save the Date cards, R.S.V.P. cars, etc., and we do not show them on this website, we can prepare them anyway. Just let us know what kind of cards your customers need.

Help with Fonts

Fonts are very important part of design. We cannot send you ttf files, however we can send you font name or link where you can download the font.


If you use CorelDraw, you can request templates for each design that you start selling on your website. If you do not have CorelDraw, we can send you jpegs (without text), which can be used as a background.